Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Wow... I can't believe summer is almost over already. It seems like just yesterday that I moved in here, now in a few weeks I'll be moving out again and back onto campus. It'll be nice to have cable again... and AIR CONDITIONING! Wow, I sound a little spoiled... but oh well.
The 21st birthday was GREAT! I had so much fun... although I think Downtown is a little over rated. I had a lot of yummy drinks... but really wasn't that bad, I promise... in fact, I think my friend got more drunk from sharing my drinks than I was!

There's me with my first fishbowl! And no, I didn't drink it all by myself... I had plenty of help... and ok maybe that makes me look like an alcoholic just a little bit, but it was my bday! And I have noticed, the later it gets in the night, the bigger and more crooked my smile gets... haha.

And me and Terrence at my Birthday Party... another good night, save for the little bit of boy drama. (There seems to be a bit of a blue drink trend, huh?)

But overall, good birthday! I had a lot of friends help me celebrate, and I love them for it! And only once have I not gotten carded at the bars... the black bar where the bouncer looks at me, I try to hand him my id, and he says, "Oh you're ok baby, go on in." I was like hmmmm... don't know how I feel about that one... but oh well lol. I guess that old black guy on my birthday was right.

Him: "Have you ever gotten hit on by black guys before?"
Me: "Nope."
Him: "Oh well you better be. Because you have EVERYTHING they want."
Me: "Ummm... ok?" *Looking over to see Dave, who was supposed to be watching out for me, laughing his head off*

Yeah, just a harmless old guy, it was funny though.