Monday, November 10, 2008

So after a suggestion from mom that I don't update this thing enough.. well.. here's an update. Things have been pretty uneventful lately. I had 3 exams today, and then I have another one on Thursday. You would think it was midterms or something... no, that was like 3 weeks ago. Lame. At least I don't have any papers to do on top of that.
We signed a lease today! I'm so relieved that we found some place to live! All of my friends are in the same neighborhood (after the drama of all of us deciding that we really didn't want to live with each other anymore.. oy) so that will be a ton of fun! And it's only like 5 blocks from school, so that won't be that bad of a walk. The only thing is we'll have to cross one of the busiest streets in La Crosse, thank God for stoplights!

So yeah. Tonight's just a night in of vegging out... baking cookies.. and letting my brain unwind. It's only Monday, really?