Thursday, July 24, 2008

Boys suck.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

8.5 hours and counting! Then I'll finally be 21. Eh, I heard it's overrated, but we'll see. I'm looking forward to the party on Friday and seeing all my friends again! And going out to dinner tonight, then well, I'm sure you can guess what I'm doing at midnight :)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

You're killing me Favre!

I really want to know what is running through his head right now. Maybe he's doing all of this for the attention (which really doesn't seem like something he would do). Maybe he really can't make up his mind. But come on. The Packers gave him how many chances to get out of retirement? Even after he announced it way back when, with the tears and all, he let Green Bay know that he didn't want to retire, and McCarthy and Thompson were prepared to go down to Mississippi and bring him back. Only to recieve another phone call to say that he had changed his mind again, and was going to stay retired. Ok, now he's just being a Diva. Seriously, he needs to shut his mouth and stay retired! To even consider going to another team, that's what makes it even worse. As much as I love the man, and totally respected him, with this whole episode, he is losing a ton of my respect. A lot of people have said that they would hate the Packers if they don't bring him back. Sure, I'd hate them in the fact that he would then go to another team. But in this situation, as sucky as it is, I am really starting to dislike Favre.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

So I am curious, does anyone ever read this anymore?  I know Mom does and she just doesn't comment, and I'm pretty sure Dad reads occasionally too... lol.  But yeah, just curious.

11 days and counting until the big 21!  I am excited to see all of my friends and have a good time, and sounds like there is going to be quite the party.  I got a present already, sweet orange towels from my family, I love them!  Such a nerd, but I wanted new towels :)

Had a good time camping with the family.  Got fried because you'd think I'd have brains and wear sunscreen, but nope.  So, owie.  I should take a picture of my lobster skin.  I should just learn that I will never tan.  Ooo and my nails are getting nice and long too, I think I may have been able to finally kick the nail biting habit.  And hopefully I didn't just jinx myself... but they are all getting long, with the exception of the one that I broke camping.  I am so not used to having any nails at all!