Thursday, January 31, 2008

So it is 1 a.m. And why is Allison still up? Because she is too mad to sleep. Allison never gets mad about anything... but tonight I did.

First of all, today was the 4 year anniversary of the death of my two friends Steph and Tilah. And I didn't realize it until about 7 tonight. So besides feeling sad, I was feeling incredibly guilty.

So the conversation with Bob (name changed to protect the preachy) started out normally. Until I brought up church. Said I was stuck in a rut, and maybe the reason I'm not comfortable attending church right now is because I don't agree with everything being said. Namely gay marriage and abortion. And so Bob goes back to gays and asked what I believe. I said that I believe that no person has any right to tell any other person what to say or do, so why should anyone tell them who to love? He then proceeded to pull out his Bible and throw me a verse from Corintians where it says homosexuality is a sin. And I listened. He told me about a psychology book where a gay man was "cured" of being gay, and I told him that was complete and utter bull crap. And so then he told me to prove my believes. If I could find something somewhere written that proved what I said, he would then listen to my argument. I proceeded to tell him that I could not prove my beliefs because they are in my heart, and I do not need a book to tell me in my heart what is right and what is wrong.
By then I was clearly upset, on the brink of tears, and he told me again that if I was willing to prove it, he would listen, but not otherwise. I told him then that I did not want to talk about it anymore, and he left.
And basically yeah. Right now I'm upset/mad/I don't even know what. But I can't sleep. And I have to get up in oh... 5ish hours?
It's just frustrating. Obviously I care a lot more about this than I thought.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wow... is it ever cold outside. You know that when local high/middle/elementary schools cancel, it's WAY cold. And yet, who still has to walk to class in -22 degree windchill? Yeah that's right. Not that I'm complaining or anything, why would I complain? Because there's nothing like your face hurting and not being able to feel your legs when you get to class. haha. I mean, I saw at least 2 people without coats on this morning. Granted they were wearing sweatshirts, but still. CRAZY. And then there's that one guy you always see walking back from the Rec with shorts on. And bright red legs. Ouch.
I didn't even have to go to work yesterday because the weather was supposed to get bad. Which was nice, but then again, I didn't get paid. Don't have to go in until Saturday... but that means I will have about 5 hours on my next pay check... woo 35 bucks!
But anywho. Off to stats! Then History... then Philosophy. Woo!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

So I made it back to school, after forgetting my purse. Of course, I always forget something. I'm really glad that I happened to have my keys in my coat pocket, which is very unusual.
I worked today too, found out that my hours were cut a lot for next semester, maybe 11-15 a week. Which hopefully won't be too bad, especially with my class load. But we'll see, I can always ask for more.
Classes start tomorrow, which is always interesting... got all my books... 11 of them... 5 of which are for Philosophy! Thank goodness we don't have to buy them!
And hmmm... really no new news. Other than I have to work every Saturday from now to the end of February, and every other Sunday. So much for sleeping in.

Well... I'm thinking it's bedtime soon.... hopefully? Gotta get up at 6:45 tomorrow... ehh...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New picture on my layout... hehe.

Mmmmm David Beckham.

Monday, January 14, 2008

So wow... I have been majorly slacking on this. Haven't had a real update in nearly a month!

Break hasn't been too thrilling, as always. I guess I'm really kicking myself [and I think that mom's about ready to kick me, too] for not becoming a seasonal worker at the nursing home so I could at least have something to do while I'm at home. Ready to get back to school... get on some sort of schedule.. and start working again.

I'm trying to save for a car. I should have some money left over after my scholarship, so then I'll have about $1400 saved. I think that if I want to stay at school this summer, a car is almost a necessity. The buses don't run as often during the summer... so I would probably be getting to work an hour or so early.. and that's not going to work because my boss doesn't seem to understand the concept of me having to ride the bus, even though I've told her.
I want to take classes too... and there are 3 summer sessions, so if I take classes for at least 2 of the 3... that should be good. I am hoping too that maybe they'll offer Pre-Calc so I can retake it and get a better grade, because ANYTHING has to be better than a D!

But yeah... lol. I go back on the 26th. A long break...

Monday, January 07, 2008

Hahahahaha. So doing that at my wedding, don't you think?