Monday, October 27, 2008

So... having no homework is pretty amazing. Even though there are a million and one things I could be doing, I think I will go read New Moon, the 2nd book in the Twilight Series. Seriously, who knew one could fall in love with a character in a book... let alone a vampire? And yes, we will be going to see the midnight showing of the movie, I am beyond excited. *Insert school girl squee here* Yeah before I started reading the books I was like seriously, they can't be good. Well, the first one was pretty good. 2nd one is having a hard time holding my attention, but I heard it's worth it just to get to the 3rd book.

And because I'm so vain... and pretty much love it. My new haircut!

Mi Mexicana y yo!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hmmm well I really rock at this whole blogging thing don't I? Just been really busy, trying to figure out the whole housing situation next year. I'm living with 2 of my friends and so far we found a cute little house that we're going to look at, and keeping our fingers crossed that it isn't taken. We've decided that we'd rather have a house than an apartment so we can make it more homey, and this one has a HUGE basement, so that could be fun too.
Other than that, just trying to survive school. I finally quit Cheddarheads, but it sounded like I would be welcomed with open arms if I ever decided to go back. Which I may, during the summer if I can't find another job. But I am hoping to find a daycare job. One of my friends has one, and she loves it, so I'd like to find one like that.
So yeah... otherwise... nothing else is really going on. I'm excited for Halloween... I'm going to be a Go-Go dancer, complete with boots and everything! It's going to be cute, I'll definitely take pictures... and question.. any suggestions for make-up?

Thursday, October 02, 2008

So, it's funny how even though I'm miles and miles away from my family, we all get sick at the same time. And what a yucky time to get sick... it's pretty much the first week from hell. I had 3 exams and a research proposal due. Pretty sure I'm just to that point where I'm exhausted and my body finally gave in. So now, I'm curled up on the loveseat drinking Butterfinger Hot Chocolate from my sweet new UWL Travel Mug, working on my psych proposal, going to study for Soc... and then get to bed as early as humanly possible. So yes, proposal here I come!