Monday, June 23, 2008

me and baby gianna

Me and Gianna... what a little doll :) I was one of the few who got to hold her, she didn't get passed around much. And I didn't get to hold her for long before she started crying... lol. But at least one of us is cute! haha.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Forget anything good I said in the last post.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Welcome to my once a week updates... lol. I haven't been up to a whole lot, being a really lazy bum on my days off, and starting to work 35+ hours a week, I can't wait for my next paycheck. I get along with the roommates, we're not really friends, but we do talk. And it is so weird being here alone. Luckily it's a nice building and neighborhood so I don't freak myself out over that. It really is a cute place, there's some pictures at the end of the post :) Trying to have a social life... which is hard when the people I like to hang out with are 21... but they're pretty understanding... I tell them they can kick me out if they want to go downtown... lol.
Our cable was finally cut :(. So that means we have a grand total of 1 channel. ABC, so that's not so bad.
But overall... other things are getting better. I'm not thinking quite so much, and just starting to accept what happened and to move on with my life because hanging on it isn't going to help. Michael and I still talk... we play cribbage online sometimes (Weird, I know, but I taught him to play and he's bound and determined to master the game... I think he has after beating me for like 8 games.. sad.)
I bought some yarn and I'm working on a blanket. Something to keep my mind and hands busy... my nails are finally getting somewhat long! At least, long for me... don't compare them to my sister's... lol.

So, pictures of my apartment :)

living room
Living room


living room again
Other side of the living room


Cute little bathroom lol.

living room
Living room/"dining room" table

Woohoo! I have a closet! Although it's messy... lol.

My "bed" lol

Julie's (the girl I'm subleasing from) chair and my tv stand/where I put all my crap lol.

Living room from my room. And my lonely Brett Favre poster that never wants to stay up lol.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

So pretty sure I have turned into an insomniac since I have moved into my new place. I don't know what it is... can I blame it on the futon? Nah... I think I just have to say that I really can't shut my brain off and stop thinking. The girls that I live with are nice but not my friends. Me and Michelle both work a lot so I don't get to see her as much as I want to. I miss my college girls like crazy... I've hung out with Terrence and Dave a little... They're cool... but it was kinda awkward. I need Janelli to come back from Vegas so it's not just me and the guys...
I feel like sometimes talking about it helps. But then it starts to hurt all over again. I am trying not to sit here and wallow in my self-pity... but it seems to be happening. I can't stop thinking of what happened. How I thought it was going great... but things just changed so fast.

I thought I was over it. I guess not.

Well. Waking up in 5 hours is going to be fun.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Thinking is bad. :'(

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Wow. It's been nearly a month hasn't it. Guess that's what happens when you move twice within, oh, 3 weeks was it? Throw in an attempted trip to Illinois which turned into a trip home, an actual trip to Illinois that killed your relationship, and a trip home for graduation.

So yep. I'm single again. Long story, but I think we're better off this way. I did love the conversation I had at graduation with Grandma and my aunt Sarah.
Grandma: So how's your Michael doing? Sarah did you hear about Allison's Michael?
Sarah: Yeah! I am so happy for you!
Me: We broke up.
Sarah: Already!?
Ohhhh yeah talk about making me feel good. But yeah, basically it was mutual I suppose. Haven't really talked to him since. Funny how fast things change, isn't it?

But yes, it's 12:30 am. And yes, I am stealing someone's wireless. Hey, can you blame me? I'm not liking this not having the internet thing. I think ours is supposed to be hooked up by Friday, so that will be nice. But I am going home for Aaron's party on Friday.
Anywho... I think it's time for bed... nighty night.